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August 2012

Gray State trailer

Still a conceptual trailer.  The producers are trying to independently raise the money to make the film.


Rampage statistics

The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.3

The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.3

-- and probably saved the life of a responding officer.

Sheriff Grubbs commended the assisting resident for his actions. Law enforcement has determined that the resident acted valiantly and perhaps saved the lives of Sgt. Means and responding deputies, Grubbs said.

“His actions may have also saved the lives of other citizens who could have innocently walked into the situation. Under fire, the resident shooter returned fire at precisely the right moment. One of the rounds struck Conner in the thigh and staggered Conner as he turned fire on Sgt. Means,” said Grubbs. “This staggered Conner from having an effective aim as Conner fired upon Sgt. Means. This also enabled Sgt. Means to accurately return fire on Conner.”

Why does NOAA need a SWAT team?

Curious as to why the National Weather Service has an to supply 52,000 rounds of jacketed hollow points and .40 cal pistols.  Of course that doesn't come close to the billion-plus rounds .

Cow manure


HR 6357: A bill which aims to ‘prohibit the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens’ by the federal government

Apparently a law is necessary to explicitly prohibit the killing of U.S. citizens by their own government.  Why is even needed?

Now if this doesn’t give one reason to pause and consider the distortions of liberty that have taken place in western civilization, I don’t know what will. Think about it:

Does a free society send government hit men to eliminate anyone they perceive to be an enemy of the state?

Does a free society have hundreds of police agencies, each with the authority to deprive a man of his life, liberty and property in their sole discretion?

Does a free society have hundreds of thousands of laws, codes, rules, regulations, and policies which effectively criminalize nearly every aspect of one’s existence?

Does a free society lead the world in prison population?

Does a free society hunt down criminals and terrorists by treating its citizens like criminals and terrorists?

Does a free society tell its citizens what foods they are / are not allowed to consume?

Does a free society steal your money at gunpoint to buy bombs that they drop by remote control on brown people in faraway lands?

Does a free society debase its currency and plunder the purchasing power of its citizens?

Does a free society saddle unborn generations with obligations they never signed up to bear?

Cartel Member: Fast and Furious is an agreement between the U.S. and Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels

The failed program just keeps getting .

A high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative currently in U.S. custody is making startling allegations that the failed federal gun-walking operation known as “Fast and Furious” isn’t what you think it is.

It wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them — all part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. government and Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels.

The explosive allegations are being made by Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, known as the Sinaloa Cartel’s “logistics coordinator.” He was extradited to the Chicago last year to face federal drug charges.
Sinaloa Cartel Operative Jesus Vincente Zambada Niebla Makes Explosive Allegation About Operation Fast and Furious

Zambada-Niebla claims that under a “divide and conquer” strategy, the U.S. helped finance and arm the Sinaloa Cartel through Operation Fast and Furious in exchange for information that allowed the DEA, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other federal agencies to take down rival drug cartels. The Sinaloa Cartel was allegedly permitted to traffic massive amounts of drugs across the U.S. border from 2004 to 2009 as long as the intel kept coming.

Abortionist challenges protesters to adopt “ugly black babies”

The comments makes are chock-full of bad assumptions.

Don't put responsability for those babies on the taxpayers, he says.  As if that's not how he's getting his paycheck.

Those babies will be brought up and kill people, he says. Because everyone knows that when babies are allowed to live, they all become mass murderers.

Then he pulls out the icing: "Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies, OK?"  Wow.


There are actually three arguments from Virmani, two of which are often made, and one of which only rarely is.  That’s the inclusion of “black” in Vermani’s emotional retort, a rather interesting inclusion, considering Virmani’s south-Asian accent. Virmani almost certainly is assuming that pro-life Americans are racist by nature.  He’s supporting his position by assuming that conservatives would balk at adopting a child other than a Caucasian, which is not just offensive and presumptuous, it’s a clear sign of another kind of bigotry altogether than what this first looks like – but not the kind of racism that some have imputed to Virmani.

Government is something to fear because as government grows, our freedoms recede

 has a quote from Sen. Ron Johnson, who hasn't forgotten what prompted the founding of the country.

Freshman Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) said that while government is necessary, it is also “something to fear.”

“It’s pretty easy to describe what ails this country because far too many Americans have forgotten the basic premise of what our founders knew,” Johnson said in a speech on Friday at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s “Defending the American Dream Summit” in Washington, D.C.

“What’s even more sad is far too many Americans were never taught the basic premise, and it was that government isn’t something here to solve our problems,” Johnson said.

“Government--we need it,” Johnson said. “But, by and large, government is something to fear because as government grows, our freedoms recede.

Johnson said President Barack Obama’s health care law is what motivated him to run for office in 2010. He also said it resonated with him personally because his daughter, who was born with a heart defect, survived because of the excellent medical treatment she received in this country before Obama’s law was implemented.

“Our story has a happy ending because my wife and I had the freedom to seek out the best medical technique at the time,” said Johnson, adding that his daughter is now working as a neo-natal nurse.

“She’s now taking care of those babies,” Johnson said.

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day!

It's today, go get some! Big Grin  From :

See the Christian Post, "."

Bonus: Jeez, half a million! Chick-fil-A's not hurting for more customers, despite what the hate-addled progressives say. See Business Week, "":

by Dr. Radut