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January 2014

New guns-on-campus bill in the works

Hope it passes this year. This would be the only reason I'd opt for the enhanced permit. :

Here's a news item from the Associated Press: BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Gun-rights advocates are resurrecting a measure aiming to allow concealed weapons on Idaho university campuses. A bill is up for consideration Monday in the Senate State Affairs Committee. In 2011, that panel's members dumped a House-passed measure, arguing decisions should be left up to university leaders.

This year, one of the proponents, Republican Rep. Judy Boyle of Midvale, has been working with key lawmakers including Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis to address objections. According to the proposal now, students could carry a concealed weapon — provided they complete rigorous firearms training included in a law from the 2013 Legislature creating an enhanced concealed weapons permit. Boyle said Friday she's optimistic these changes are sufficient to win additional support.

Guns are prohibited on most American university campuses. However, Utah, Idaho's southerly neighbor, allows them, as does Colorado.

Beware the 30-Magazine Clip

30 magazine clips: all ghost guns come with them standard. From :

Congresscritter Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) may no longer be the most comically clueless government hoplophobe to attack our precious Second Amendment liberties. Here is an attempt to translate the ignorant gibbering of California State Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles):

Those 30-magazine clips are almost as ominous a feature as the Rep McCarthy warned us about:

These people don’t have even the vaguest idea what they are talking about, yet they have taken upon themselves the authority to determine whether you will be permitted to keep your firearms.

Bill Gates: Raising Minimum Wage 'Does Cause Job Destruction'

From :

Should the nation's minimum wage be raised, as Democrats from President Obama on down are insisting?

"Well, jobs are a great thing," Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday. "So you have to be a bit careful: If you raise the minimum wage, you're encouraging labor substitution, and you're going to go buy machines and automate things -- or cause jobs to appear outside of that jurisdiction.

"And so within certain limits, you know, it does cause job destruction. If you really start pushing it, then you're just making a huge tradeoff."

Super secure hacked in 4 minutes

Seen at :

It only took David Kennedy  into the Obamacare website and acquire 70,000 personal records. Kennedy could have gone on to acquire hundreds of thousands of additional personal information, but he made his point. Not only is the healthcare site inadequate, clunky, poorly designed, but also non-compliant with security.

David Kennedy is an expert in online security. During a discussion with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, he said it only took him four minutes to break into the Obamacare website and pull personal information.

Wide open

“And 70,000 was just one of the numbers that I was able to go up to and I stopped after that,” he said. “You know, I’m sure it’s hundreds of thousands, if not more, and it was done within about a 4 minute timeframe. So, it’s just wide open.”

“You can literally just open up your browser, go to this, and extract all this information without actually having to hack the website itself,” he said.

Kennedy testified before Congress that the website is 100 percent insecure.

Max, Nebraska does just fine

120 year old city proves that limited government can work. In fact, they have no government at all.

Death of the orange?

Well this would suck. :

A story that has been growing to alarming dimensions in Florida orange country is breaking through to national media, as the  delivers the astonishing news that we might be only a decade away from the effective end of oranges and their juice at our breakfast table.  It’s because of a Chinese bacterial invasion known as “huanglongbing,” a presently incurable disease that spreads like cancer, thanks to an insect that acquires the bacteria by feeding on infected trees and spreads it to healthy trees it infests.  It’s basically the orange-tree version of mosquito-borne malaria.

The Post describes huanglongbing’s effects: “Roots become deformed.  Fruits drop from limbs prematurely and rot.  The trees slowly die.”  The affliction is known as “citrus greening” because of the unpleasant color of the fruit.  Fruit from infected trees is not poisonous to humans, but it looks and tastes wrong.  $80 million worth of research has yet to produce a cure.

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Starbucks: Does Banning Guns Invite Robbery?

Read at :

Disclaimer: The following stories are factually accurate, with an artistic license granted for small details. Click the hyperlinks for the news reports on each one.


. It is that quiet time before the rush of Mom's and Dad's looking for their early morning caffeine jolt, and hours before the hipsters crawl out of bed to write poetry on the Mac Books their parents bought for them.

This is the time, where a Starbucks employee can drink his or her first cup of Joe, and brace themselves for the day to come.

One employee, let's call her Sarah, ran her eye over the new 'No Guns Allowed' sign hanging in the window. 'Surely, that will keep the guns out.' She thought to herself. A man dressed all in black sauntered up to the counter. He ordered a coffee, but already seemed to have the caffeine shakes. Sarah eyed him suspiciously.

When Sarah went to ring up the purchase at the cash register, the man jumped over the counter and produced a silver handgun in his right hand. 'Hey! Didn't you read the sign?' She yelled angrily at the gun brandishing villain.

Top 37 things dying people regret

Why 37? Not sure, but they are worth considering now when there is time to still do something about it. From :

by Dr. Radut