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Major papers reject pro-life ad - image of baby "too controversial"

Amazing picture of life at 20 weeks.  When the reality of what the little lump of tissue actually looks like is promoted, it becomes too controversial for the MSM.  Read the whole story at :

A national pro-life organization is outraged after three major American newspapers rejected a pro-life ad as “too controversial.”

The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and the LA Times refused to run an advertisement created by Heroic Media.

The ad features a hand holding a 20- to 24-week-old baby with the quote, “This child has no voice, which is why it depends on yours. Speak Up.”

Heroic Media Executive Director Joe Young said he was shocked and angered that the media outlets were willing to talk about the issue but were unwilling to show the reality of life at 20 weeks.

“I am disturbed that these papers would run article after article promoting the notion that abortion is a victimless act without consequences,” Young said. “The fact remains, children who are unique individuals – never again to be duplicated – are being killed in the most violent way imaginable and they feel the excruciating pain of that death.”

The newspapers took issue with the image of the baby.

Late-term abortionist advocates toilet delivery

While the pro-choice protestors in Texas  we get the following helpful advice from an abortion clinic in New Mexico. Seen at :

The latest video in the “Inhuman” series on late-term abortion from features both a counselor and a doctor at a clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico telling a woman who asks about complications during a 27-week abortion procedure to park herself on a hotel toilet, unlock the door, call the clinic, and wait for help to arrive:

The State V. God

on the ramifications of the SCOTUS ruling last week.

The ramifications of that move are stunningly far-reaching. The argument that gay marriage doesn’t affect straight marriages is a ridiculous red herring: Gay marriage affects society and law in dramatic ways. Religious groups will come under direct assault as federal and state governments move to strip them of their non-profit statuses if they refuse to perform gay marriages. Public schools across the country will be forced to teach homosexual marriage alongside traditional marriage. Religious business owners will be leveraged to pay for benefits for same-sex spouses.

In the left’s view, all of this is to the greater glory of humanity. In the leftist view, there is no freedom to associate or freedom of religion if those rights come into conflict with the left’s view of morality. Religious florists must provide flowers for gay weddings; religious organizations must pay for abortion and contraception. What you do in your church makes you immoral, says the left — so immoral that your church must be removed from the public square or forced to bow to the power of the state.

Obama will veto bill that would prevent dismembering babies old enough to feel pain

Even after the horrors that the Gosnell trial brought to light, the President will see fit to allow the practice to continue.  Seen at :

The reason the media  the lurid and highly newsworthy Kermit Gosnell  trial is that it is heavily invested in the political success of Barack Obama. Don’t get the connection? Maybe  will help:

Despite passing the U.S. House of Representatives, a bill to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy faces an uncertain future as President Obama’s administration has suggested that he will veto it.

“(S)cience is on our side,” Representative Marsha Blackburn, (R- Tenn.) told MSNBC in an interview.

If gun control is worth doing if it saves just one life, how about limiting late-term abortions?

Former abortionist tells Congress: Ban late-term abortions

Gosnell attorney: Maybe a 16-week deadline for abortion and more regulation would be better

This was kind of a surprise.  Gosnell's attorney, still defending his client, makes a comment at the end of the interview saying that it would be better to have a 16 week limit to legal abotions and that they should be more regulated.  Found at :

I’m not going to comment too much on this except to say it seems… important and unexpected. Kermit Gosnell’s attorney, Jack McMahon, spends 8:30 minutes defending Gosnell, proving himself to be one of the few still willing to align themselves publicly with the former abortion doctor, convicted of three counts of first-degree murder of infants this month. Having spent so much time with a late-term abortion doctor and defending him even post-conviction, one assumes McMahon is among the most understanding and lenient toward the pro-choice position of just about anyone in the country.

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