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Boise State

Congratulations Broncos on your MAACO Las Vegas Bowl win!

. W00t!


Broncos going to Vegas again after snubbing by the Sugar Bowl

Finishing the season in the slot for the BCS was not good enough for the Sugar Bowl. Boise State was bypassed by the BCS in favor of ranked Michigan and Virginia Tech. Lame.

BSU will be facing ASU instead, who is ranked ___ in the BCS. (Nope, they aren't in the top 25.) But hey, it's a bowl game, right?



Broncos almost back to pre-TCU ranking

After the heartrending single point loss to TCU (seriously, I had to leave the room), BSU dropped 5 spots in the BCS poll to number 10. This weekend it appears a few other teams caught whatever we had last week.  Oklahoma State, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Clemson -- all ranked higher that Boise State -- lost in dramatic upsets.

Sunday night, BSU gained a few spots to number 7, renewing hopes of making a bowl game. If Stanford loses to Notre Dame next week, our chances are even better. has more about what happened:

Friday, second place Oklahoma State unranked Iowa State, losing 37-31. That seemed to send the dominoes falling.

Number four Oregon  to unranked USC 38-35 despite a late rally by the Ducks. In a fit of irony, Oregon missed a 37-yard field goal that would have given them the win - the same distance Boise State missed by a week prior.

Boise State opens the BCS poll ranked #5

After clobbering CSU yesterday, BSU again dropped a spot in the Coaches poll to 7th. They held fast at 5th in the AP and Harris polls however.  The first round of BCS results came out tonight and .

For the third straight year, Boise State University is ranked among the top-five in the season's first Bowl Championship Series standings with the Broncos coming in at No. 5.

The Broncos have a BCS average of .8027 and follow No. 1 LSU (.9522), No. 2 Alabama (.9519), No. 3 Oklahoma (.9301) and No. 4 Oklahoma state (.8568).

This is the third highest ranking for Boise State in the season's initial BCS standings.  Last year the Broncos started at No. 3 while they were ranked No. 4 in the first BCS standings of the 2009 season.

Boise State is the only team in the country that has started in the top-five of the BCS standings the past three years. 

Oklahoma and Alabama have started the season among the top-five teams twice in the past three years with the Sooners beginning the 2010 standings at No. 1, while Alabama was No. 2 in the first BCS standings of the 2009 season.  LSU and Oklahoma State have not been in the initial BCS standings the past two seasons. 

2011 Boise State Football Intro

In a bye week, Broncos move up in the polls

Who'da thunk it? Boise State didn't even play this week and they advanced in the USA Today Coaches Poll.  Already at in the AP, by coaches. Sweeeeeet.

The Boise State Broncos, even with a bye week, managed to pick up a spot in the USA Today Coaches Poll. 

The Broncos also retained their number 4 ranking in the Associated Press Top 25, garnering two first place votes. 

Next up for the Broncos is Toledo in Toledo. The game will be broadcast on ESPN.

Seeing as how Toledo almost beat Ohio State last weekend, I don't expect this next game to be a snoozer either!


Broncos cover SI, move up to #4 in the AP poll

Not only did the Broncos from to after the win over the Bulldogs, they are also going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Sweet!

Boise State moved up a notch to No. 4 after its impressive 35-21 win against Georgia, including two first place votes. The Broncos also moved up two spots in the latest USA Today Coaches Poll, coming in at No. 5. Georgia dropped out of both polls.

Winning the biggest game of college football's opening weekend boosted LSU to No. 2 in The Associated Press Top 25.

No. 1 Oklahoma held on to the top spot in the first regular-season rankings, while the Tigers used their 40-27 victory against Oregon to jump rival Alabama, which slipped to No. 3. Florida State moved up to No. 5.

Oregon dropped nine spots to No. 13 and defending national champion Auburn, which started the season at No. 23, fell out of the Top 25 after needing a late rally to beat Utah State at home. Notre Dame also dropped out.

Moving into the rankings were No. 20 Baylor, No. 22 South Florida, No. 23 Penn State and No. 24 Texas.


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