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Boise State

Congratulations to the Broncos on their WAC title

Congrats to the BSU Broncos for their three way tie in the WAC Championship!  With a couple of polls yet to be released, it appears fairly certain that the Blue & Orange will be heading south to the Las Vegas Bowl to play against Utah.  Should be a good game and I expect a large travel contingent.  More .


Looks like Boise State should have won the Nevada game after all

This is just upsetting.  Too bad we can't ask for a review and reversal.  On a tip from Christie, I read from the Los Angeles Times.  It is a good bit about the game, and Brotzman in particular.  Here is an exerpt:

Broncos lose to the Wolf Pack in OT and that makes me sad

A story at has the reactions from coaches and players. One of the reasons I hold the Broncos in such high regard is the class and grace in which they respond to any situation.  Showing more concern for Brotzman than for the win; that's top shelf.  Well played BSU...

Moore said he was disappointed - but as members of the team often do, he looked ahead.

 "I'm at a loss for words. It's difficult. We've still got two games to go. We have to rebound from this and keep going," he said. "Give all the credit to Nevada - they're resiliant, they did battle. They made plays."

"There (were) a lot of missed opportunities out there," Martin said. "It's tough to lose. This is heartbreaking. This is sad that we couldn't finish. We just couldn't do it tonight."

"This is a tough loss," George Iloka said. "We lost to a good team out there. Lots of people had chances to make plays."

Iloka said he wasn't thinking about BCS games and national titles - but something a little more immediate.

"I'm disappointed that we gave up the WAC championship right there. I don't care about the other stuff," he said.

Several players sounded a supportive tone for Brotzman.

"(I would say) it's not your fault. We've got another game last week. Let's let the seniors go out with a win. Got to keep his head up," Iloka said.

Fresno has some nice words for the Broncos: Ruthless. Eye-catching. Manhandlers.

A pretty darn good write up in the .  There are plenty of very descriptive words in here; none that anybody would have a problem with, in my opinion.  Well, unless you are not a Bronco fan Big Grin My favorite quotes?  If they play a national championship without Boise State in it, the nation should look away in protest ... This is a brutal, unforgiving force, void of vulnerability.

As one parent of a Fresno State player said the day after, you can't really appreciate this year's Boise State team until you see it in person.

It is ruthless. Eye-catching. It is General Patton looking dynamite in an evening gown. It is some combination of an IRS auditor and Cirque du Soleil.

Mike Tyson would say the Broncos' offense is impetuous and their defense is impregnable, and he would be right on both accounts. They are, in every sense, ferocious.

The Broncos beat Fresno State 51-0 Friday night, and afterward Pat Hill started to say that the score wasn't a true reflection of the actual game and he couldn't even get through it before he corrected himself.

Even in a college football coach's vulnerable, emotional moments, he couldn't spin what had happened.

"We've played some good teams before," Hill said. "We have never been manhandled like that."

Boise State "hires" new assistant coach

What a great thing to do.  A 12 year old Texas boy battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma will be on the Broncos sideline for the Hawaii game.  Nicely done!  via :

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen and the Broncos granted the wish of 12-year-old Stephen Kinsey of San Antonio, Texas, who is battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

His request: To be a coach for a day with Petersen.

Kinsey, who has been a Boise State fan since he spotted the blue turf on TV in the early 2000s, never has attended a Broncos game or even stepped inside Bronco Stadium.

He’ll spend part of Friday with the Broncos and watch Saturday’s game — a critical contest for Boise State — from the sideline with his dad, Bryan. The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho arranged the details.

“I just like the team a lot. I like the colors. I like the players,” Stephen said Monday night. “I’ve been to a couple college games, but never in Boise, so I’m kind of excited.”

Said Petersen: “Hopefully he’ll enjoy the game. And being around our guys and just being with us, hopefully he just really enjoys that.”

The details of Stephen’s experience are secret. Boise State wants to surprise the seventh-grader.

But Petersen, whose son Sam received a wish while he was being treated for a brain tumor, seems eager to give Stephen a weekend to remember.

Petersen’s wife, Barbara, is a Make-A-Wish volunteer. She has been involved in planning Stephen’s wish.

In fact, the Petersens’ support was a key reason why Make-A-Wish was able to plan Stephen’s trip with less than three weeks’ notice. He arrives Thursday and leaves Monday.

“(Barbara) and Chris were absolutely floored and honored and so gracious,” said Nancy Berry, program services director for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho.

Broncos drop a spot in the BCS, now at #4

Saw this one coming.  Based on our schedule, the computers have dropped BSU by one spot.  Now the only team ranked higher than the Broncos this season that they have not previously beaten is Auburn.  :

The Bowl Championship Series standings are out and the Boise State Broncos slipped from their number 3 spot to the 4th slot.

After an odd schedule week where the Broncos played on Tuesday, they won against Louisiana Tech on the blue turf 49-20.

The win wasn't enough to keep them from dropping to number 3 in the Coaches Poll. They did maintain their number 2 spot in the Associated Press Poll, but only the Coaches Poll is part of the BCS formula.

Also coming away with wins from this week's games were Auburn over Mississippi 51-31, Oregon over USC 53-32 and TCU over UNLV 48-6. Former frontrunner Alabama is making their way back up in the polls as well, even with a bye this week.

The Harris Interactive Poll, which is part of the BCS formula, also dropped the Broncos down to the number 3 spot.

Nevada was 23rd in both the BCS and the Harris Poll. After a week away from the Coaches and AP Poll, Nevada was back in both this week. They picked up the number 25 spot in the AP and the 23rd ranking in the Coaches Poll. The Broncos will face the Wolf Pack on November 26.

Next up for the Broncos is Hawai'i at Bronco Stadium on Saturday, November 6.  This will be the first game airing on ESPN 3D from Bronco Stadium.  The game will also be broadcast on ESPNU.


ESPN: What Boise State is being asked to do isn't doable

This is worth reading.  lays it down where it comes to BSU and their chances at a BCS title game.

So that's it, then. It's done. The fix is arranged. It's Game Over and everybody knows the score. The BCS computers TKO Boise State. Why keep punching when it's not a fair fight?

Auburn and Oregon are No. 1 and No. 2 in the country according to Sunday's latest, most fraudulent compilation yet from the BCS rankings. If those two schools win the rest of their games, they'll play in the BCS Championship Game.

And Boise State? Members of football's lowest caste system? It doesn't matter. The BSUntouchables play Louisiana Tech on Tuesday night, but they're just cleaning windows on the Titanic now. If Auburn and Oregon win out, Boise State can wipe out every opponent 50-0 and not make it in now. And the Broncos probably won't even if the Tigers and Ducks don't win out. Yes, we're talking about Auburn. The team that has 13 fewer wins over the past five seasons than Boise State.

Yes, we're talking about Oregon. The same team Boise State punched out last season 19-8.

It's the biggest rip-off since the Nigerian prince scam. It makes you wonder why you watch college football at all. What Boise State is being asked to do isn't doable. It's like trying to win a Cuban election. Or break into the Genovese family.

The Broncos are 6-0. They've won 20 straight games, the longest streak in the country. They've beaten two BCS automatic qualifiers -- 6th-ranked Virginia Tech and 24th-ranked Oregon State. Doesn't matter. BSU could whip the 103rd Infantry and it wouldn't get a sniff. The computers are in charge. The pod bay doors won't open.

Boise State is going to get seated at the kids' table again. The Broncos will go to some pointless bowl and beat somebody like they always do -- they've already bested Oklahoma and TCU in bowls like that -- and they'll come home with a win and a hatful of "You kids sure play with a lot of heart up there" put-downs from the BCS blazers.

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