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Boise State

Behind the scenes of College Game Day at Boise State

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Boise State Broncos to feature on Sports Illustrated national cover

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The debate over whether the Boise State football team should be able to play for the BCS National Championship Game has reached the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The Broncos are the cover story this week — the first time they have appeared on the national cover of the sports magazine. The Broncos were featured on a regional cover for SI's college football preview in August.

The photo is of the Broncos taking the field before Saturday's game against Oregon State. Defensive players are at the forefront — particularly linebacker Byron Hout, defensive tackle Billy Winn (who is the only player with his helmet off), defensive tackle Chase Baker, linebacker Aaron Tevis and cornerback Josh Borgman. Borgman is from Centennial High.

Sports Illustrated writer Austin Murphy spent much of last week in Boise to report and write the story. Two SI photographers shot the game Saturday.

The story focuses on what needs to happen for Boise State to play for the national championship — and the Broncos' insistence on staying out of the debate.

This week's issue hits newsstands Wednesday.

The SI cover is the third major first for the program stemming from Saturday's game, which the Broncos won 37-24. ESPN's "College GameDay" originated from the blue turf for the first time and the contest was the first Boise State regular-season game to air nationally on network television (ABC).

Doing all they can: Oregon State paints practice field blue

An anonymous donor has given Oregon State the means to practice on a blue field in preparation for Saturday's game. Gotta give them credit for doing all they can.

OSU paints field blue


Boise State - Virginia Tech video recap goodness

This is a really well done video showcasing highlights of the BSU VT game.  It makes me want to watch the game all over again.



2010 Broncos home game color schemes

I like it!  Now I know well ahead of time what colors to wear.  Now I just need to figure out what games I'll be able to attend Worried This is an example for the first home game against Oregon State.  Almost every game is different, so for the entire list, go to .


Boise State Broncos ranked #3 in virtually every poll

Over at , the 1st week rankings are out.  BSU, initially at in the AP and in USA Today, notches have been moved in the upward direction in the latter.  After the 33-30 victory over Virginia Tech ( Big Grin ), the coaches poll now has the Broncos on even ground with the other polls at a solid .  That's ... in the nation... for a non-BCS team...


BSU - VT: It's GAME DAY y'all

Wow!  It took hours to come down from that game.  Exciting (read nausea inducing) to the very end.  It is hard to get used to the fact that this is how BSU operates.  Strong start, coast, hard push to the finish.  Thankfully it nearly always ends in a win! Applause


Already starting to get nervous.  I wish these were my tickets...

Some interesting news I just read.  The ink on the contract to move to the MWC is still drying, the biggest game of the season is likely tonight's, and we are already talking about a future ?  I'm all for having lofty goals but one thing at a time, eh?


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