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Boise State

ESPN: Boise State to announce move to Mountain West Conference

to the MWC.  live at noon 2:00pm MST 6/11/2010.

Boise State University today has accepted the invitation to join the Mountain West Conference and become its 10th member institution, effective July 1, 2011.

Boise State joins the United States Air Force Academy, Brigham Young University, Colorado State University, University of New Mexico, San Diego State University, Texas Christian University, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, University of Utah and University of Wyoming.

Boise State is the second institution to join the Mountain West; TCU became a member in 2005. The Mountain West Conference began with eight members in 1998. Boise State's previous conference affiliations included the Big Sky from 1970-1996, Big West from 1996-2001 and the Western Athletic Conference from 2001-current.

Mountain West Conference Commissioner Craig Thompson

"We are pleased and excited to welcome Boise State University to the Mountain West Conference. Since our inception just 11 short years ago, the Mountain West has experienced tremendous success, and the addition of Boise State will further enhance that strength. The MWC continues to strategize regarding potential membership scenarios and bringing Boise State into the Conference is an important part of that evolution."

Boise State President Bob Kustra

"The invitation to join the Mountain West Conference reflects the excellence that Boise State University has demonstrated academically and athletically. It will be a privilege to compete and partner with such a successful group of member institutions. This move is in the best interests of Boise State's future, and the university is excited to be part of one of the nation's most outstanding conferences."

Boise State Director of Athletics Gene Bleymaier

"Membership in the Mountain West Conference is a milestone moment for the entire Bronco sports program. The new alignment will help our student-athletes by minimizing distant travel and developing more intermountain competition. The Western Athletic Conference has been an integral part of our growth and success. We will always be proud of our affiliation with those schools and thankful for the opportunities."

Mountain West Conference: No expansion at this time

At noon today, the spokesman for the Mountain West Conference stated that at this time there would be no expansion.  This is due at least in part to the PAC-10 growing their numbers and the MWC not wanting to make any decisions until after they know what was going on with other teams.

Speculation has been that Boise State would be invited to join the MWC.  It has not been ruled out, and BSU would have until July to accept any invites in order to make the 2011 season under a different conference.

If, in the next few weeks, other conferences sort out what they intend to do in regards to expansion or shuffling, we may see an interesting change closer to home.


SI Ranks Boise State Broncos #2 in Preseason

ETA 5/5/2010: Here is the write up at .

It's time to stop doubting the Broncos. I ripped on their schedule plenty last season, but all they do when they get on the big stage is win. It's easy to say they wouldn't go undefeated in a better conference, but when Boise State has played teams from better conferences in the past few years, the Broncos have won. So to all the teams that think Boise State shouldn't be ranked this high, you have one way to prove it: beat the Broncos.


Wow! Sports Illustrated has the Broncos at just behind Alabama. This is going to be good Big Grin More details as I get them...


Boise State Football gets an early nod on ESPN

One of ESPN's college football "most interesting team roundtable" picks Boise State as a team to watch.  Still a number of months to go but I can't wait!



Boise State Broncos #4 postseason in 2 polls

After the National Championship last night the postseason poll results were released.  Boise State has moved up to in both the AP and Coaches polls.  I had heard many, many commentators (and friends) say they thought a third place spot was likely.  Some even said second was possible.  In the end, we were only 4 points away from taking the slot away from Florida.



Revelation: Sad Cowbell Girl Is Blind, Entire Internet Hangs Head in Shame

When watching the Fiesta Bowl I noticed, as apparently everyone else did, the one member of the Blue Thunder Marching Band who appeared as though she didn't want to be there.  What I did not know, was how much that brief moment would cause a stir among the viewing audience.  I read a story today that clarifies the situation:

Just goes to show we shouldn't judge on appearances :~

2010 Fiesta Bowl - Game Day!

We are about 5 hours from game time and I'm starting to get all tweaky.  I do not expect this to be an easy game.  In fact, as much as I'd like to say it was in the bag, I don't even expect a win.  I do hope I can keep from getting wound up too tight so an early lead of 54 points would be much appreciated Wink



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