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Remember all those waivers for Obamacare?

Superior Canadian healthcare system sentences baby to death

UPDATE: The has secured medical care inside the U.S. for this little guy.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a constitutional law firm, said today it is extremely pleased that a hospital in Missouri has taken "Baby Joseph" - the Canadian child who suffers from a serious illness.  The ACLJ was retained by the child's parents nearly two weeks ago to assist in exploring options to get their son medical treatment in the United States.
The ACLJ, which has worked closely with Priests for Life, said today the SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri has agreed to provide the medical evaluation and treatment requested by his parents.  Joseph Maraachli was transferred from a hospital in Canada to the St. Louis facility Sunday night by air transport.

has this sad story about an infant on life support that has been deemed unworthy to continue living.  The panel of experts, who have not actually been in the presence of the child before making the determination, have decided it would be best for the little one to suffocate to death by removing the breathing tube.

IRS hiring 1000 new employees at $93 million to monitor healthcare implementation

From :

As if government wasn’t bloated enough, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will hire more than 1,000 new employees to monitor the implementation of Obamacare and the agency will spend an extra $93 million just to promote compliance in the first year.

That’s because Obama’s hostile takeover of the nation’s healthcare system has created a “major challenge” for the IRS and the “largest set of tax law changes in more than 20 years.” At least that’s how the agency is justifying the costly additions in its .

The healthcare law will require additional resources to, among other things, build new information technology systems, modify existing tax processing systems and provide taxpayer outreach and assistance, according to the IRS budget request. There will also be other expenses for things such as resolving taxpayer “issues” in a timely and accurate manner and conducting “focused examinations to encourage compliance.”

Obama administration goes on healthcare defense while House looks to nix funding

Manuvering from both sides continues on the healthcare front. reports that a Democrat advisor who was convicted in a political scandal as a legislative aide will be tapped for leading the initiative to defend the overhaul.

Despite her shady past, the consultant () was hired by Obama to head his 2008 presidential campaign in Wisconsin. Now she’ll join forces with another one of the president’s top campaign strategists (Paul Tewes) to fend off Republican criticism of Obamacare through the 2012 elections.

Although the president has filled many sound bites chastising special-interest money in politics, funding for the new group is being kept . It’s fair to assume however, that the payroll will be quite exorbitant considering the players involved in the new Obamacare defense initiative are high-profile Democratic “political consultants” who command big bucks for their work.

EPA classifies milk as oil, wants farmers to have prevention and disaster recovery plan for spills

You think the title is a joke right?  Bzzzt!  Wrong. Since cow's milk contains oil, and oil spills are under the jurisdiction of the EPA, they have extended their bureaucratic reach to cover dairy farms. Awesome. The  says:

Despite the old saying, "Don't cry over spilled milk," the Environmental Protection Agency is doing just that.

We all understand why the EPA was given the power to issue regulations to guard against oil spills, such as that of the Exxon Valdez in Alaska or the more recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But not everyone understands that any power given to any bureaucracy for any purpose can be stretched far beyond that purpose.

In a classic example of this process, the EPA has decided that, since milk contains oil, it has the authority to force farmers to comply with new regulations to file "emergency management" plans to show how they will cope with spilled milk, how farmers will train "first responders" and build "containment facilities" if there is a flood of spilled milk.

Since there is no free lunch, all of this is going to cost the farmers both money and time that could be going into farming-- and is likely to end up costing consumers higher prices for farm products.

Planned Parenthood fires worker in token gesture after getting caught on tape... again.

PP busted again in another sting by Live Action. says:

The pro-life group Live Action, which is known for its undercover videos, has released new “sting”-style footage showing a Planned Parenthood office in New Jersey offering advice to a pretend pimp and his partner regarding their underage sex slaves. It’s video that is both revealing and shocking.

In a , the group explains what it uncovered: A Planned Parenthood representative coaches a couple on how to secure secret abortions, STD testing, and contraception for their female underage sex slaves, and even explains how the couple can make their operation “look as legit as possible.”

For example, the representative “warns the pimp and his prostitute to have their trafficked underage girls lie about their age to avoid mandatory reporting laws, promising, ‘even if they lie, just say, ‘Oh he’s the same age as me, 15,’…it’s just that mainly 14 and under we have to, doesn‘t matter if their partner’s the same age, younger, whatever, 14 and under we have to report.’ She says, ‘For the most part, we want as little information as possible.’”

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