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If I was your President

Seen over at Big Grin


You might be a Gun Nut if...

Lamborghini driver can't handle the horses

I've been lucky enough to drive a Porsche Turbo before and I know how cars like this have the potential to get away from you at the lightest touch of the accelerator.  Poor yellow Lambo  D Oh


Elmo does the tannerite hokey pokey

Originally seen at .  Elmo makes me smile, especially when he's holding a jar of boom powder.


Hot Problems

Apparently they are just like me... only hot.  Who knew?

This post gets tagged with "Music," but just barely.  It's already being called the world's worst music video, but I've seen worse.  Granted, they can't sing, but it is kinda funny.  Between the off-key voices and the ridiculousness of it, it's no wonder they are being compared to .

Have fun!


Wow, Legos!

Wrecking Crew Orchestra Glow Suit performance

Very well done, and fun for the whole family  Party

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