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Let’s regulate guns like we regulate cars

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Today we’re going to do a little thought experiment and actually think this analogy all the way through.

Let’s examine the analogy completely, starting with gun ownership. Even at the sketchiest of pawn shops in America, here are the steps that I have to take to legally buy a handgun:

  1. Be over 21
  2. Fill out a 4473
  3. Pass a federal background check (NICS)
  4. Pay the shop

And that’s just the process if you live in free America. Plenty of states have additional restrictions like waiting periods and state level background checks. For example in Washington, a state with pretty decent gun laws, unless you have a WA CPL you have to wait an additional 5 days from when you purchase a handgun to when you can actually take it home. This is so the state police can make double plus sure that you’re not a badguy, despite having already passed a NICS check.

Now, here are the necessary steps you must take to buy a car:

  1. Have enough money.

Mind you, we’re not talking about driving the car, just like we’re not talking about carrying the gun. To do nothing other than buy a handgun and take it home, I have to jump through several hoops. If I’m 16 and I want to buy a car, all I need is money.

Fair share

Why do you like President Obama? "He gives me stuff!"

Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.  Thomas Jefferson

  1. Give away "free" stuff.
  2. Pay people not to work.
  3. Create unnecessary dependency.
  4. Profit?

"It's Worse Than People Know... and I'm Not Trying to Scare You Either"

Inside information from :

You may have your suspicions about what’s going on behind closed doors at the White House.

But according to one of President Obama’s former body guards it’s much worse than we can even imagine.

Dan Bongino has protected numerous Presidents over his career, including President Obama. He has been within ear-shot of many a discussion in the Oval Office, but up until this administration has stayed out of the lime light. Apparently, however, the activities of this administration are so abhorrent that he could no longer keep quiet.

Bongino is so upset with what he witnessed that he is now running for Congress because he feels it’s the only way to take America back from the sycophants who have made every effort to enrich themselves with money and power at the expense of the American people.

How bad is it?

We’re in a lot of trouble.

The President sees government – and I think it’s because of his lack of experience and maybe community organizing in the past – as this shiny new toy.

For all the disagreements I had with Clinton, Carter and Bush there were always limits… there was that line you just didn’t cross… We cross it seemingly every day. We’re lost in the scandals…

Massive security hole found in Obamacare site software

The release is looking more and more like amature hour.  :

Yet another reason to in the knowledge that the government is forcing people into this system under penalty of law:

Until the Department of Health fixed the security hole last week, anyone could easily reset your password without your knowledge and potentially hijack your account.

The glitch was discovered last week by Ben Simo, a software tester in Arizona. Simo found that gaining access to people’s accounts was frighteningly simple. You could have:

Hoyer's Plan for Fixing Obamacare Website: 'Give Them a Little Money'

Because $634 million dollars wasn't enough.  :

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said the way for Congress to help fix the problem-plagued Obamacare website is to give the administration "a little money."

At a Capitol Hill press conference on Tuesday, a reporter said “the website is not working,” and then asked Hoyer, “Are you confident, though, the White House is taking the steps necessary? Is there anything you in Congress can do to help the White House take the steps?”

Hoyer said, “Give them a little money. We've been pretty much focused in the House of Representatives on undermining the implementation and the Affordable Care Act in every which way they[Republicans]  possibly could. Now, I don’t think that’s the reason, however. I don’t know that. If  it is, it is. But I don’t know that to be the case.”

The reporter, in reference to the website, then asked, “You don’t blame lack of money for this?”  Hoyer said, “I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t blame, it’s – if I know that, I’ll blame it. I don’t know it at this point in time, Dave, so I’m not going to attribute it to that.”

NJ father jailed, stripped of parental rights for transporting legal guns to new home

You can own guns in New Jersey, but all your allowed to do is look at them.  :

Three unloaded, legally owned guns locked in the car trunk of a man moving from Colorado to New Jersey is keeping a man from watching his son grow up.

In New Jersey, they call that the rule of law.

Now, Brian Aitken is traveling the country, using the crowdfunding website Indiegogo to raise money and hoping to write a book about a travesty of justice that’s keeping him from his son.

Aitken was arrested in 2009 while returning to live in New Jersey to be near his son who lived with his ex-wife, . He had stopped at his mother’s home with a vehicle full of his belongings and she called 911 because she was concerned he was so distraught he might harm himself.

She hung up before the call was complete, but police responded anyway. By the time they did, Aitken had left, so police called him on his cell phone and — with a combination of threats and persuasion — convinced him to return to the scene.

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