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These kids rock

A bedroom practice of Ralph Stanley's How Mountain Girls Can Love. Brothers Jonny Mizzone age 9 on banjo, Robbie Mizzone age 12 on fiddle, and Tommy Mizzone age 14 on guitar.  Nice!

Only cops should have guns

I put a spell on you

Where's the line to see Jesus?


Official Obamaphone Autotune

Lennon and Maisy Stella

These girls are amazingly talented.  My sister-in-law shared the link with me a couple of weeks ago but I haven't had time to post it.  They have a bunch of other vids too.  Go check them out!


Hot Problems

Apparently they are just like me... only hot.  Who knew?

This post gets tagged with "Music," but just barely.  It's already being called the world's worst music video, but I've seen worse.  Granted, they can't sing, but it is kinda funny.  Between the off-key voices and the ridiculousness of it, it's no wonder they are being compared to .

Have fun!


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