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Wrecking Crew Orchestra Glow Suit performance

Very well done, and fun for the whole family  Party

Crazy-good 8 year old guitarist

My wife and son are both learning guitar right now, so this stuck out to me when I saw it. This little girl is incredible!


Little Drummer Boy drum line

High speed video shooting goodness

Seen at .  It's a lovely bit of videography. I'm diggin' on that music too.

Steve Vaus: State of the Union


Edward Reid - Britain's Got Talent 2011 Audition

Chinese pianist plays anti-U.S. propaganda tune at the White House

During his trip to the United States, Chinese President Hu Jintao was guest to President Obama at a lavish White House dinner, intended in part to strengthen relations with China.

The opportunity for pro-China/anti-U.S. public relations was not wasted as the concert pianist Lang Lang chose (with approval?) to play a song well known as propaganda. Disparaging, no? Read more at .

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by Dr. Radut