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Australian Steve Lee's new music vid released - "I'll Give Up My Gun"

Remember Steve Lee, that Aussie guy that made the "" music video?  He's at it again Wink Here is his new release titled "I'll Give Up My Gun."


Musical interlude - The Star-Spangled Banner and We the People

Both are very good songs and both are well sung.  Enjoy!




Trace Bundy's Dueling Ninjas on accoustic guitar

This is a cool song.  Saw it posted by someone else tonight (thanks Kelsey) and really liked it.  So now you get to hear it Smile


Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" iPhone edition

This girl's got skills.  Her name is Kim Yeo Hui, aka AppleGirl.  This is the first I've heard of her but apparently she has done something like this ni the past.  In this clip she uses three iPhones and a sequencer to perform a version of the Beyonce song "Irreplaceable."  Her rhythm, coordination, and vocals are excellent!


Rocky Creek Ranch gun range event video

I'm diggin' on this video right now.  I really like Toby Mac so right away I was sucked in.  Combine that with some full auto goodness and very creative cinematography and it's an altogether good vid.


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - RGM Edition Video

Whether you knew what they were called or not, you've probably seen some variety of Rube Goldberg Machine.  The band OK Go, the same one as did the treadmill video, perform in this elaborate setup.  It is synchronized to the music, plays a part of it, and is about four minutes long.  It was shot in one take.  Pretty amazing!


O.T.P. (One Term President) by WOLVERINES

via :

I have heard about, and posted a video from, Moletov Mitchell before.  This is the first time I've seen the others from this video.  I think this should be the new acronym for our current administration: OTP.

Just over a year ago, Mitchell's unique weekly video commentaries launched exclusively at WND. Mitchell is Illuminati Pictures and has produced over 200 music videos, commercials and short films, documented Christian and occult subcultures, run for his life from knife-wielding voodoo priests, directed a film about building better marriages, and hosted a national television talk show on Faith TV.

Dolce, meanwhile, is becoming an icon after launching her own weekly video commentary (She calls it a newscast!) on WND-TV. News! News! is also produced by Mitchell.

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