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Catalunia Boy's Choir - Humorous cat-like classical music

Had me busting up right along with the audience Big Grin

Amazing! Patrick Hughes - The Music of Opportunity

Wow, Patick is amazing. I was blown away by his 2 year old performance. His father is truly self-sacrificing.  What an inspiring pair.

Birds on a wire - the music of powerlines

Have you ever seen a bunch of birds gripped to a telephone or power line and wondered what they would sound like as sheet music?  Me neither.  This guy did and it turns out they sound pretty good.


Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is this Wednesday, November 11, 2009.  This year a friend of mine, Julia Kapsoff, has recorded a single called Theme for a Soldier.  I asked her for permission to share it and she agreed.  The file is attached below.

To all of the Vets out there, thank you for serving.

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by Dr. Radut