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Dirt bike rider attacked by angry ram

BSU announces 2013 color schemes

Football season is almost upon us!  Seen at :

Bronco fans should make more room in their closets for sweet game day gear.

That's because BSU just announced fan color schemes for 5 out of 6 of the Broncos' home football games.

Different tri-color schemes were created for the Tennessee-Martin (Sept. 7) and Nevada (Oct. 19) games, and different blue and orange schemes were created for the Wyoming (Nov. 16) and New Mexico (Nov. 30) games.

For Air Force (Sept. 13), the Broncos' conference home opener, an all-blue scheme was selected.

For the Broncos' game against Southern Miss (Sept. 28), fans will select the color scheme. You can cast your vote on throughout the day on Aug. 14.

For road games, fans are encouraged to wear orange the following games:

  • Washington (Aug. 31)
  • Fresno State (Sept. 20)
  • Utah State (Oct. 12)
  • BYU (Oct. 25)

Fans are encouraged to wear blue against

  • Colorado State (Nov. 2)
  • San Diego State (Nov. 23)

Mississippi Leads the Way Restoring Prayer in Schools as DOJ Seeks Infringement

Seen at :

of Mississippi has signed a new law, effective Monday, which requires school districts to allow a “limited public forum” at school events such as intercom announcements, assemblies or football games, to enable students to express religious beliefs. states:

…public schools to develop policies that will allow students to pray over school intercoms, at assemblies and at sporting events.  While not allowing school-sanctioned prayer, the law permits students to offer public prayers with a disclaimer by the school administration.

The disclaimer is that such student speech “does not reflect the endorsement, sponsorship, position or expression of the district.”

According to Senator Chris McDaniel (R-Ellisville), the bill “Provides a limited public forum — making it clear the state is not endorsing the speech.” McDaniel added, “What we don’t want to do is make it where prayer is discriminated against.”

Sports reporter Chris Broussard does not apologize for his Christianity. Those under the spotlight are...

Sports reporter Chris Broussard does not apologize for his Christianity.Those under the spotlight are allowed to have their personal beliefs - on either side - and shouldn&;t have to compromise just because it&;s politically correct.

Golden Goal

Narrated in Swedish, but hit the "cc" button for English subs.  This would have been a fun game to spectate!

Mieders Alpine Coaster

Flyboard looks like crazy fun


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