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Looks like Boise State should have won the Nevada game after all

This is just upsetting.  Too bad we can't ask for a review and reversal.  On a tip from Christie, I read from the Los Angeles Times.  It is a good bit about the game, and Brotzman in particular.  Here is an exerpt:

Broncos lose to the Wolf Pack in OT and that makes me sad

A story at has the reactions from coaches and players. One of the reasons I hold the Broncos in such high regard is the class and grace in which they respond to any situation.  Showing more concern for Brotzman than for the win; that's top shelf.  Well played BSU...

Moore said he was disappointed - but as members of the team often do, he looked ahead.

 "I'm at a loss for words. It's difficult. We've still got two games to go. We have to rebound from this and keep going," he said. "Give all the credit to Nevada - they're resiliant, they did battle. They made plays."

"There (were) a lot of missed opportunities out there," Martin said. "It's tough to lose. This is heartbreaking. This is sad that we couldn't finish. We just couldn't do it tonight."

"This is a tough loss," George Iloka said. "We lost to a good team out there. Lots of people had chances to make plays."

Iloka said he wasn't thinking about BCS games and national titles - but something a little more immediate.

"I'm disappointed that we gave up the WAC championship right there. I don't care about the other stuff," he said.

Several players sounded a supportive tone for Brotzman.

"(I would say) it's not your fault. We've got another game last week. Let's let the seniors go out with a win. Got to keep his head up," Iloka said.

Fresno has some nice words for the Broncos: Ruthless. Eye-catching. Manhandlers.

A pretty darn good write up in the .  There are plenty of very descriptive words in here; none that anybody would have a problem with, in my opinion.  Well, unless you are not a Bronco fan Big Grin My favorite quotes?  If they play a national championship without Boise State in it, the nation should look away in protest ... This is a brutal, unforgiving force, void of vulnerability.

As one parent of a Fresno State player said the day after, you can't really appreciate this year's Boise State team until you see it in person.

It is ruthless. Eye-catching. It is General Patton looking dynamite in an evening gown. It is some combination of an IRS auditor and Cirque du Soleil.

Mike Tyson would say the Broncos' offense is impetuous and their defense is impregnable, and he would be right on both accounts. They are, in every sense, ferocious.

The Broncos beat Fresno State 51-0 Friday night, and afterward Pat Hill started to say that the score wasn't a true reflection of the actual game and he couldn't even get through it before he corrected himself.

Even in a college football coach's vulnerable, emotional moments, he couldn't spin what had happened.

"We've played some good teams before," Hill said. "We have never been manhandled like that."

Boise State bumped from #3 position in polls

Over the weekend the Broncos toppled New Mexico State 59-0.  You'd think that would be a good thing, particularly since they were only expected to win by 43.5 points before the start of the game.

Combine that with the fact that Oregon's been by the Broncos in the last two seasons, the lackluster beginning in their game against Stanford, and it should've been enough to keep BSU at . I mean, come on, Oregon only won because Stanford burned out too quickly.

Alas, the Broncos were .  There is even talk about TCU jumping over us.  Wait, didn't we ?  Argh.

Associated Press Top 5

1. Alabama (58)
2. Ohio State (1)
3. Oregon 
4. Boise State (1)
5. TCU 

USA Today Coaches Poll Top 5

1. Alabama (57)
2. Ohio State (1) 
3. Oregon 
4. Boise State
5. TCU


Boise State - Virginia Tech video recap goodness

This is a really well done video showcasing highlights of the BSU VT game.  It makes me want to watch the game all over again.



The predictions keep getting better: How Boise State adds up to No. 1 in the nation

"Boise State is No. 1 because it hammered and nailed until the bridge-to-somewhere was complete. The national christening came with its stunning 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory against Oklahoma."

So says Chris Dufresne at the LA Times.  Holy smokes, this is going to be an interesting season.  Polls, reviews, opionions ranking BSU anywhere from to, now, .  There is a lot of pressure to perform, and the first game this Monday will go a long way to confirm or deny the placement.

The school has worked for years to build its football program, now the preseason favorite. The formula includes mixing divergent, undervalued players into a winning team.

From Boise, Idaho

The cool-downs after Boise State practices this summer didn't require an ice tub. Defensive end Ryan Winterswyk and teammates simply ran out of Bronco Stadium and jumped in the Boise River.

Boise State is No.1?

Yeah, we know — go jump in a river.

Why the Broncos? And why now?

The time has come to say fair's fair.

This has actually been years the making — born of the brow sweat of thousands who dared to dream. "There are people who came long before I got here to set this up," Winterswyk said.

Reaching the prove-it pinnacle has been a junior college, Division II, I-AA and K2 climb, given that Boise State began in 1892 as an all-girls school (St. Margaret's Hall), was a junior college until 1965 and did not start playing major-division football until 1996.

The conspiracy that is college football would never allow this to happen — or so the politicians have argued.


2010 BSU Football Season Teaser Video

One.  More.  Week.



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