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Associated Press preseason poll: BSU Broncos #3

From :

BOISE -- The Boise State Broncos earned its best preseason ranking Saturday in the Associated Press preseason poll.

The blue and orange ranked third after Alabama and Ohio State, and BSU even received one first-place vote.

The Broncos open up their season on September 6 in Washington D.C. against the Virginia Tech Hokies who ranked 10th in this preseason poll. The Labor Day match-up will be the first huge game of the season.

Here is a look at the other AP preseason rankings:

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Boise State
4. Florida
5. Texas 2010 Preseason Top 25 - BSU at #2!

Isn't this interesting!  that the USA Today coaches poll, which usually matches the AP for the pick, has been wrong for the last 5 years.  Alabama is slated to win this season, but Boise State fills in the second spot.

Recent history also suggests that we won't have to look far down the list to find the national champs. In the past six years, the lowest the eventual BCS champ has been ranked is No. 8 (Florida, in 2006, by the coaches, with the candlestick, in the study). In fact, 2006 is the only year since 2004 that the eventual BCS champ didn't start in the top five of both polls.

This is why Boise State -- No. 5 in the coaches' poll and probably the same or higher in the AP -- has a real chance to play for the national title if the Broncos go undefeated. Boise State found the loophole in the BCS; as long as you start the season ranked high enough, it doesn't really matter who you play as long as you play one or two decent games and go undefeated. For lovers of underdogs and proponents of playoffs, this is a beautiful thing. Anything that exposes the BCS for the popularity contest it is works for me.

Boise State Broncos

Key returnees: QB Kellen Moore, WR Titus Young, WR Austin Pettis, CB Brandyn Thompson, DE Ryan Winterswyk, S Jeron Johnson

First game: Sept. 6 vs. Virginia Tech (Landover, Md.) Here's a prediction I know will come true: Most of the complaints I'll receive about this poll will point to this particular slot. The power-conference apologists will whine that Boise State would lose three games if it had to slog through a tough conference slate. Maybe, but those people always fail to realize that if Boise State played in the Big 12 or Pac-10, it would have Big 12 or Pac-10 players instead of the collection of two- and three-star recruits that Coach Chris Petersen and his staff have turned into stars. The argument falls flat after that. This isn't an excuse for Boise State -- just an answer to a silly argument. I'm not grading on a curve here. I ranked Boise State No. 2 because I believe that the Broncos -- on a neutral field -- would beat the teams ranked below them and lose to Alabama. Now, if you want us to stop talking about Boise State and stop ranking the Broncos so high, there is an easy solution. When your favorite power-conference program plays the Broncos, it better beat them. Virginia Tech gets the next shot on Labor Day.


Outtakes from Bill the Fishing Guy

I have run across this video in the past and it makes me laugh every time I see it. Smile) I could swear he does this stuff on purpose!  Bloopers from Bill the Fishing Guy.

Broncos on top of WAC pre-season poll, Kellen Moore named Offensive Player of the Year

Only a month and a half away now!  Pre-season is heating up and KTVB has a couple of articles on the Broncos.  First, :

Media Poll (1st place votes) Coaches Poll (1st place votes)
 Boise State (42)  386  Boise State (8)  64
 Nevada (1)  333  Nevada (1)  55
 Fresno State  300  Fresno State  50
 Idaho  207  Utah State  37
 Louisiana Tech  200  Hawaii  36
 Utah State  196  Idaho  33
 Hawaii  166  Louisiana Tech  26
 New Mexico State  81  New Mexico State  14
 San Jose State  66  San Jose State  9

Second, Kellen Moore as the preseason WAC Offensive Player of the Year:

Salt Lake City, UT -- On Monday the WAC announced the media around the Western Athletic Conference have voted Boise State junior quarterback Kellen Moore as the conferences preseason Offensive Player of the Year for 2010. 

Nevada defensive end Dontay Moch was voted the preseason Defensive Player of the Year. 

Moore led the Broncos to an incredible 14-0 season in 2009 which included a 17-10 victory over TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

Ohhhhh boy!


Soccer comedy - The diving show

I like soccer.  It's been a while since I've played though.  The one aspect about the game that I could do without is the theatrics.  This put a smile on my face today.  I think it has something to do with the music...


Hurling - The fastest game on grass

This looks like a fun sport.  It's kind of like field hockey, ice hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and maybe a little rugby all rolled into one.  I've been a goalie in soccer and I have to say, I feel bad for the guys who have to be in the net for this game.  Based on how much running these guys do, I think I know why they call it hurling Wink


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