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F-35 Lightning II still a possibility for Idaho at one or both valley fields

An update on the F35 possibly coming to Idaho was givent to the attendees of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce by Air Force Col. Peter Lee.  He told those at the luncheon on May 18th that a preferred list of bases could be announced in July or August.  Both Idaho bases, Mountain Home Airforce Base and Gowen Field in Boise, are still in the running.  More at .

The state government has really started to promote this locally. It would be very good for Idaho jobs and economy. They say that it will bring 3000 new jobs to the area. From :

Military aviation has been in Idaho for more than 60 years, and together our two military installations provide more than $1 billion to the Idaho economy each year. Our Air Force and Air National Guard bases now are home to 73 fighter aircraft that soon will be phased out. Making sure that we replace our current planes with the new F-35 will guarantee that these bases continue to provide their high level of economic impact for the next 50 years.

Beyond these direct jobs, getting these missions will generate a critical mass of economic development in the private sector that comes from the need to support a large number of planes. For example, if Idaho was to become a maintenance depot, supporting businesses would need to be established outside the gates, creating even more jobs for Idahoans.

Wicked-Cool Tech: yellowBird 3D Video gives a 360 degree view during playback

This is way cool. Don't just press play; click and drag around inside the video to look around while it's playing.


RHCT Certification


Red Hat Certified Technician

I just got my certification email. I am now an official RHCT. I'll be going to the RHCE course in February. I suppose I better start studying now, it's not an easy exam. At least they shortened it to 4 hours Big Grin


I have broken down and am trying out twitter.  Before I send my first tweet, I have set up my drupal site to work in conjuntion with twitter.  This is my first post, and hopefully it is bidirectional.

Kubuntu Karmic disabling KDM autostart

I have been messing around with virtualization on Kubuntu Karmic and ran into a problem where, after installing 9.10 Server base, I needed to have X for guest OS's but did not want it to autostart.  Removing the scripts from /etc/rc#.d did not work whether I used a utility like sysv-rc-conf or changed in manually.  Here is the trick, and it applies to the final release of Koala and later.

In earlier versions of Kubuntu, you made this change by removing the kdm startup link in the appropriate /etc/rc#.d runlevel. However, in karmic final that no longer works because of the switch to upstart. kdm has to be disabled in /etc/init.

First, rename kdm.conf:

sudo mv -f /etc/init/kdm.conf /etc/init/kdm.conf-disabled

Once that change has been made, to get back to a desktop after booting to CLI:

sudo kdm && exit

Originally I had used startx at the prompt which appeared to work at first, but then I realized certain things weren't functioning the same way as before.  For example, kmixer wouldn't run and I had no sound.  Using the command above seems to be better.

Kubuntu Karmic with Firefox 3.5 slow/jumpy scrolling

I've seen the threads on turning off Smooth Scrolling in Advanced -> General but it doesn't help with a couple of sites.  One I use all the time is Google Reader.  Scroll lag while using that service is absolutely the pits.  It worked fine before upgrading to Karmic so I'm not sure what changed.  Here is the only thing that has worked for me so far:  intall the pre-release of FF 3.6 instead.

Kubuntu Karmic Koala and xscreensaver

If you have been playing with kubuntu since they switched over to KDE4 in Jaunty, you will have noticed that there's not much of a selection in screensavers.

I was able to find information on how to get xscreensaver set up and working as it should in 9.04.  After upgrading to the beta of 9.10 those instructions aren't exactly the same.  If anyone else has run across the problem of setting up xscreensaver on Karmic, here's how to do it using the terminal.

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