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1st century fragment of the Gospel of Mark found inside a mummy mask in Egypt

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It was a shocking discovery and a victory for  scholars – a fragment of the gospel of Mark found inside a mummy mask in Egypt. However, the discovery has atheists up in arms, and you won’t believe why.

The discovery was made in , where mummy masks were made out of recycled papyrus. When taken apart via a delamination process, the masks can yield up to 12 different fragments of antiquarian writing.

, one of the masks yielded a fragment of the gospel of Mark from 80 A.D. – the earliest known fragment of that book of the Bible and putting it quite close to the life of Christ. This also goes a long way to disproving the claim that the gospels were literary inventions that took place centuries after the life of Jesus.

“To have a first-century witness to the text of the  is unprecedented. That a fragment of Mark was found in Egypt is even more astonishing,” wrote Boyce College professor Denny Burk.

“That would seem to require that the original was probably penned decades before.”

story | by Dr. Radut