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This site was inspired by events leading up to the 2008 presidential election.  I woke up to the fact that I don't like the direction things are heading and need to say something about it.  It is primarily a vehicle for me to share things that I find interesting, have a bone to pick with, or find to be cool enough that I want you to know about too.  I am passionate about a few topics in particular, but my interests are ever expanding.  I hope to make up for lost time by trying to make a difference in an age where I feel things are rapidly changing for the worse.

I am a Christian in Boise, ID, regularly attending .

I moved here in 2004 with my wife and kids to get away from the madness in Silicon Valley.

Among , I enjoy technology, , , , and activities.  I also tend to be active in .

I work in the Information Technology field on Windows and Linux servers.  I am also a .

I do building CMS sites and random hardware/software jobs in my off time.  If you have any odd IT work you need done, .

The opinions expressed on this site are mine alone, and should not be construed to be of any other person or organization unless stated.


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There is a reason I have been engaged in this struggle since the beginning. It is not because I like to protest, far from it. I don't like to put myself out there in the streets - it is unseemly. But I also recognize that I have a personal responsibility to take action where that action is obviously needed. To expect someone else to tend to my liberty or my rights is as unseemly as anything I could do, more so than protesting. --TL Davis


When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. --Thomas Jefferson

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