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Broncos 37, Ducks 32

I just about had a heart attack on Saturday. After the Broncos took a decent lead of 21 points, Oregon burned the red-shirt year of their new QB, Thomas, in an effort to take back the game. It worked, to a degree. Thomas was good and he aired the ball, which BSU was not prepared for. He lead the Ducks in a charge that would nearly overtake the Broncos. They had been anticipating the run and, for all of the first half, had been right on. When O switched to passing, the defense had to adjust. In the last bit of the 4th, Boise State seemed to be better covering the pass and they pulled out the win.

As of Sunday's polls, Boise State Broncos are ranked & and Kellen Moore has been selected as the National Offensive Player of the Week. Oregon is now out of the top 25.



story | by Dr. Radut