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Continued trend of attacks against public display of Christianity

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There's a bull's-eye being hung on Christian prayer right now, and one of the attorneys who wages war for the right of Americans to express their faith publicly says on this 2010 National Day of Prayer it's because of a national atmosphere that encourages atheists to make their demands.

"The radical secular, militant atheists are feeling empowered right now," Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for the told WND.

The ADF is one of the premiere organizations that fights for civil and religious rights in the United States and is made up of thousands of lawyers who take on cases as they develop.

Johnson cited two recent developments that reveal a growing antagonism in the United States toward Christian prayer – even though the Continental Congress recognized the value of prayer even before the United States became a nation.

Those situations are the recent "disinvitation" issued by the Pentagon, refusing Rev. Franklin Graham, renowned evangelist and son of Christian legend Billy Graham, permission to participate in a prayer event at the Pentagon because some Muslims didn't like his beliefs.

The second situation is the ruling from a federal judge in Wisconsin that the National Day of Prayer as recognized for hundreds of years and especially as formalized in recent decades is unconstitutional. It's a decision that is being appealed.

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