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Marine Veteran’s Concealed Gun Saves He and His Daughter’s Lives

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Anthony  Broyles is a  who just wanted to spend a fun day with his two year old daughter at Lake Coeur d’Alene in North Idaho.

US Marine training pays off

They drove into the parking lot at Higgins Point, a place where people often go to view Bald Eagles, or walk along the shoreline of the lake. As they passed a light blue van in the parking lot, he noted there were two men sitting inside the van.

As he and his daughter walked to the edge of the lot toward the lake, one of the men, a hispanic man,  got out of the van and approached him from behind.

When Anthony turned around, he saw that the man was carrying a knife. He pushed his daughter behind him, drew his weapon, (a Ruger .380 LCP), cocked it and pointed it at the would-be attacker.The knife-wielding man fled back to the van and they drove off.

Mr. Broyles says that it was his military training that gave him a “sixth sense” about someone approaching him from behind.

story | by Dr. Radut