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New regulation for NFL field color - the Boise Rule bans colored turf

I can understand why the NFL would want to of playing fields.  Besides, it just makes the Smurf Turf more unique. Awww yeeeaaahhh.

The NFL is famous for big salaries, rabid fans and huge TV ratings, but a new rule will make sure it doesn't horn in Boise State's turf - literally.

While Boise will likely never have an NFL team, the NFL now has a "Boise rule."  League owners voted Tuesday to outlaw non-green playing surfaces in a rule named for the Broncos' famous field. reports league owners wanted to launch a pre-emptive strike against teams giving their fields a makeover as part of a sponsor deal.  The rule means we won't see any Coca-Cola red turf or UPS brown fields any time soon.

"It's only an answer to some great advertiser who may have (proposed) changing the field color," competition committee chairman Rich McKay .

Boise State has the first, and still the most famous non-green field in football.  In recent years a handfull of colored playing surfaces have shown up, including Eastern Washington's so-called "red inferno" in Cheney and even another blue field at a high school in Barrow, Alaska.

story | by Dr. Radut