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Starbucks: Does Banning Guns Invite Robbery?

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Disclaimer: The following stories are factually accurate, with an artistic license granted for small details. Click the hyperlinks for the news reports on each one.


. It is that quiet time before the rush of Mom's and Dad's looking for their early morning caffeine jolt, and hours before the hipsters crawl out of bed to write poetry on the Mac Books their parents bought for them.

This is the time, where a Starbucks employee can drink his or her first cup of Joe, and brace themselves for the day to come.

One employee, let's call her Sarah, ran her eye over the new 'No Guns Allowed' sign hanging in the window. 'Surely, that will keep the guns out.' She thought to herself. A man dressed all in black sauntered up to the counter. He ordered a coffee, but already seemed to have the caffeine shakes. Sarah eyed him suspiciously.

When Sarah went to ring up the purchase at the cash register, the man jumped over the counter and produced a silver handgun in his right hand. 'Hey! Didn't you read the sign?' She yelled angrily at the gun brandishing villain.

Shockingly, the man ignored her, and demanded money out of the business safe and registers. He also threatened to shoot the employees if his demands were not met. Helplessly, our heroine looked around the room for help. The room was filled with unarmed, helpless people.

Sarah had no choice but to hand over an undisclosed amount of money to the man. He left the Starbucks and is still on the run, driving a silver car.


. You can literally carbon-copy the last story, and paste it here with a different city, state and getaway-car color. The circumstances are so remarkably similar that if they didn't take place thousands of miles away, I would say that the same perpetrator is responsible for both.

Like the Arkansas Starbucks, this Colorado franchise location was robbed before seven o'clock by an early-to-mid-twenties African American youth at gunpoint.


I saved the best for last. According to the , a Towson Starbucks was robbed  by an armed man at 5:50 AM, on a Monday. This is the SECOND time in EIGHT days that a Starbucks has been robbed in Towson. What is more, these robberies are, at least according to Police spokeswoman, Elise Armacost, unrelated to each other.

No guns = more robberies

All of these robberies come on the heels of the Starbucks corporate decision to ask customers to not carry guns on the premises. A similar rash of 'chain robberies' happened when AutoZone fired an employee for repelling a would-be robber with his legally owned personal firearm. Since the firing, there have been dozens of AutoZone robberies from Tulsa to Milwaukee. Advertising to criminals that your customers and staff are unarmed is inviting the inevitable.

The bottom line is something that pro-gun rights people have known for a very long time. Less guns in the hands of good guys, equals more power in the hands of bad guys when they have a gun.

story | by Dr. Radut