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Superior Canadian healthcare system sentences baby to death

UPDATE: The has secured medical care inside the U.S. for this little guy.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a constitutional law firm, said today it is extremely pleased that a hospital in Missouri has taken "Baby Joseph" - the Canadian child who suffers from a serious illness.  The ACLJ was retained by the child's parents nearly two weeks ago to assist in exploring options to get their son medical treatment in the United States.
The ACLJ, which has worked closely with Priests for Life, said today the SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri has agreed to provide the medical evaluation and treatment requested by his parents.  Joseph Maraachli was transferred from a hospital in Canada to the St. Louis facility Sunday night by air transport.

has this sad story about an infant on life support that has been deemed unworthy to continue living.  The panel of experts, who have not actually been in the presence of the child before making the determination, have decided it would be best for the little one to suffocate to death by removing the breathing tube.


A Windsor, Ont. couple's fight to bring their gravely ill baby home to die ended in bitter tears Thursday when a Superior Court judge dismissed their appeal to stop doctors from removing the infant's breathing tube at the hospital.

The father and relatives of one-year-old Joseph Maraachli wept outside a London courthouse after an emotional Justice Helen Rady upheld the earlier decision of an independent provincial tribunal forcing the baby's parents to comply with doctors' orders.

With all of their legal avenues exhausted, the family will have to say goodbye to Joseph Monday morning — on Family Day — when his breathing tube will be removed.

"I do my best for my baby. My son is not a criminal . . . to just let him die," dad Moe Maraachli said through tears. "They are taking my baby away from me . . . Where is the humanity?"

He said he didn't know how to break the news to his wife Sana Nader, who was too upset to sit through the day's court proceedings, or explain to their seven-year-old son Ali what's going to happen to his little brother.

Maraachli and Nader fought to bring Joseph home to Windsor so he could spend his last days surrounded by loved ones.

But he will not be allowed to go home to his family.  In a stunning show of absurdity, the request to have a tracheotomy performed so the boy would at least make it home to pass in the presence of loved ones was denied... due to risk of infection.

Although the couple has accepted their baby boy's inevitable death, they insisted that it occur peacefully at home and not by removing his breathing tube, which will cause him to choke since he can't swallow or breathe on his own. The parents asked for a tracheotomy, which would open up a direct airway through an incision in Joseph's trachea and make it possible to bring the baby home.

But doctors refused to perform the procedure, citing serious risks of infection, pneumonia and other possible complications.

The family argues that there is progress being made and they have seen improvements.  It is just not enough to convince the panel or courts.

Snow said there is a "stark contrast" between the medical opinions and what the baby's parents have observed.

"Their child responds to them . . . He does feel, he does cry, he does react to situations around him," Snow told court after submitting photos of Joseph in different positions, taken by family members, and a hospital chart showing the child had grown in length and weight since January and his head circumference had also increased.


Outside court, all the lawyers involved agreed Joseph's is a "tragic" case but a decision had to be made in the child's best interest.

Mmm, yes.  Lawyers do know best, don't they?

story | by Dr. Radut